Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Constructive Criticism vs Being Rude

Constructive criticism is touchy, it can be taken one of two ways either you smile and truthfully understand the person and not get defensive OR you can be like a majority of us who say F you, you know nothing! And go about your day .... Honestly there's nothing wrong with doing a little of both. You're entitled to your reaction and feelings.

How do I take it? Well I'm a naturally self defensive person. I've been through a lot with people especially in my line of work to where you have to have a guard up and not think everyone is your friend. For me most people try to give me "advice" or "help" fully knowing if I take it I will crash and burn in my career. So to answer your questions how do I deal? I listen and smile and if I feel like that person is a complete douche and knows nothing I'll voice my opinion on that.

There's a fine line between constructive criticism and being rude. Watch you're tone, body language, and subject. Make sure you're talking with respect, don't have your hands on your hips or folded across your chest, and make sure if you approach someone on their field you have knowledge in it and have supporting documents to back you up (otherwise you'll sound like a dumb ass)

Watch what you say and how you say it. You would never want those words to come back to you. :)!

*This blog has been edited to fit the comforts of others