Friday, June 22, 2012

Beautiful Alaska

See Alaska and I... we have this love hate type of relationship, winter time we seem to do nothing but fight and bicker but when the so sweet summer comes my way, I can't help but fall right back in love.  You see people complain about Alaska and say " isn't there snow 24/7?" "do you have a pet polar bear?"  OR now my recent favorite, "what's Sara Palin really like??"  People make me laugh with the things they really believe goes on here. So to answer these questions " no there is not snow 24/7" and "no I don't own a polar bear he was shot down for protecting our pet penguins" and "I have no idea how Sara Palin really is, never met her."

Many people from Alaska get irritated by the simple questions and I have to keep reminding people that I know and myself at times, don't blame them for what they know; it's not like  education on how Alaska really is, is being taught. I mean I've lived here all my life and in high school my senior year I had to take Alaska studies, and passed with flying colors!!!! (Found that class to be quite insulting)

Alaska has your winters, falls, springs, and summers that will melt your heart and make you  fall in love with the scenery. I love every other season and winters on occasion (mainly on Christmas and New Years Eve) :D
When I travel out of state and show my ID, people stare at it for a good minute or so. In my mind I'm preparing myself to hear whatever outlandish questions they may want to ask; 9 times out of 10 the questions make me giggle.

One time in Seattle aka my second home, this cab driver asked me "if there really are 30 days of night like the movie and do vampires really come out???" This cashier at Macy's asked me: "there really are black people in Alaska?" then as I walk into a bar with my lovely sister buy a drink the bar tender asks: "are you in witness protection? I mean why else would you be there?"

Sigh**** I love it all in all. The things others come up with are always fresh and new it makes me appreciate how I was brought up.

Anywho today will be reaching in the mid 70's and the sun is blazing outside, soon as it's time to get off work I will be MIA  getting lost in the AK weather with the bf. You guy have a fantastic weekend!!!!!

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