Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Poem: Indecisive Mountaintops

Strange title.... I know it is.
I was on the phone with my sister and we came up with it.
Not knowing what to write, or what thought to grab.
I sat on the couch with laptop in hand.
I listened to the people outside my window.
The lady yelling at her kids.
Her kids laughing back at her.
Her car doors slamming shut
Her horn honking uncontrollably.

it's silent. 

Silent long enough for the wind to make its mark.
Write about mountain tops! My sister yells on the phone.
The silence was broken by her energetic advice.
So much so that it ruined my silent mind.
The moment of peace has left beside me.
I now see a white living room, and my roommate sitting next to me.
The cars are in abundance.
The kids crying are in excess.
The noises are loud and they keep getting louder.
Now a firetruck is blasting through the neighborhood.

Mountaintops. Is all I can think of.

Those pointy things, some with snow and animals living on them.
Others are green, still cold but a distant destination.

Mountaintops. They take me back to Alaska.

Anchorage, Alaska is where I'm from.
Waking up, to look outside, to see that Alaska is a state that God
created from his perfect eye.
The air, the animals, the fresh water.
The scenery, the food, the ability to be.
That is the Alaska where I found me.
Myself is what I mean.

I can see it now.

<3 Ebony 

Monday, June 25, 2018

Poem: Brainwaves and Thoughts

I get a little confused at times. My brain, it makes me think strangely at times.
Strangely might not be the perfect word. But what is perfect in this world?
I wait for the communication to take place. For you to notice me.
I wait for the recognition. For you to give me the once-over.
I wait for you. You notice.
You always do. I also notice too.
What are you doing to me? I hear it all.
That stuck with me, like rain in the fall.
It was crisp and sweet. It brought warmth and comfort.
It made me realize that you do see me. Not in a typical way.
I hope not in that way. But instead, in a,  more of you want it too way.
I hope that's what you mean. We'll see.
I want too. I want it. I want you.
But the way my brain has me thinking. Is how can it even happen?
God is mysterious. Like the heart. Like feelings. Like actions.
Like the words, we're afraid to say to one another. Words like, I like you and no other.
Like the confirmation that's needed in order for something to go forward.
We hate those conversations. But, they need to happen.
That awkward conversation. The need for representation.
Of the emotions. They need to be categorized.
We simply can't just let it be. Society wants to know.
I want to know. We need to know.
How far should it go? Where do we start? How does it end?
You see, I have so many questions in my head.
We want what we can't have. Or we want but are afraid to ask.
I'm afraid to ask. So I sit and watch you.
The rejection is something my heart can't take. So why risk it?
Let it be fate that decides for me. Or let it be you to make the move.
I pray for the courage. You're too beautiful to approach.
But I see you. You'll never go unnoticed to me.

<3 Ebony

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Poem: Tummy Turns

We have a disconnect.
I don't like it.
I like when I'm with you.
I like when I'm near you.
I love when I'm under you.
I hate the distance.

Whether by a few miles or across the country,
I hate the disconnect.
I love the conversations.
I love my wild expectations.
I love your unique persuasion.
I hate the silence.

We have unspoken promises,
of what we want with one another.
With how we treat each other.
Do we dare call us lovers?
I hate the unknown.

Whether by a yes or a no.
I hate the guessing game.
Especially with another wordsmith.
It leaves no room for self-righteousness.
Because we call each other out on the bull shit.
I hate that you're not mine.

We have a rule in line.
At least, I think it's set in time.
As in, we will see what transpires of this.
Just, for now, I'll put it on my wish list.'
I ache for you.
I hate not having you.

By: Ebony Williams

Monday, May 14, 2018

Poem: The Light of Darkness

The natural highlight.
The elimination of my skin.
The light and essence that it omits.
The shimmer in the way that it hits.

The sun, it's beautiful.

Divided are my feelings towards the light
that's meant to shine nothing but
brightness in my life.
But even the light brings darkness.

As we hide from her glorious rays.
Dive into known ways.
Of darkness or
is it comfort?
Or is it so familiar that the darkness is the comfort?

Our comfort of peace.
Not of the mind but
of the heart and in time it circulates the universe.

She comes back around so strong and sound this time.
She doesn't hide because she is light
We hide because her light is bright and we have no idea how to handle it.
so we hide.
Into the darkness.

Pack our thoughts and enter the cave.
Put on the cloak of emotionless waves.
Strapped on the boots worn by slaves.
Head held down, we are not brave.

Instead, we're weak.

What is it with the light and darkness?
The light of darkness?
There is always light in darkness
we just have to be brave enough to find it.

By: Ebony Williams

Friday, April 13, 2018

Late Nights

Hits the blunt... take it in.. sit in the smoke little baby and relax.

As the pain moves through me, as strong as the blood that's in my veins.
I sit back and see you through the smoke, I took a hit deep and choked.
You laughed a little, as I played it off.

Off to the sky, mile high, hypnotized, memorized by your eyes.
They weren't looking at me though, it was at your phone.
Sucked into business of pleasure or business, my mind is racing.

Where did you come from?

Hits the blunt.. you walk out the room... I sit in the smoke and breathe.

The clock is loud. The hands are moving slow, or maybe it's my mind.
It plays tricks on me sometimes. My mind that is, such a mysterious thing.
But a blessing to be created.

So I sit there, hit the blunt... you walk in the room.. I pass it to you.

How you feeling little baby? You said to me.
I smile and lean in, you kiss and I lean back.
Late nights are the best nights.

<3 Ebony